KFC or Denny's: Which Offers Better Value for Your Money?

By Amelia Faith, 31 , May 2024

When deciding where to dine out, many people weigh the cost against the value of their meal. Two popular chains, KFC and Denny's, both offer distinct dining experiences, but which one provides better value for your money? In this blog, we’ll compare the menu offerings, pricing, portion sizes, and overall dining experience at KFC and Denny's to help you make an informed decision. Let’s dive in and explore where you can get the most bang for your buck, brought to you by smartsdeal.

Menu Offerings

KFC is famous for its fried chicken, offering a variety of chicken-based meals including buckets, sandwiches, and tenders. Sides such as mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and biscuits complement the main dishes. KFC also provides combo meals that bundle chicken pieces with sides and a drink, making it easy to grab a complete meal.

Denny's, on the other hand, is a full-service diner that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their menu is extensive, featuring everything from pancakes and omelets to burgers, steaks, and seafood. Denny's is also known for its all-day breakfast menu, which is a significant draw for many customers.


KFC’s prices are generally lower compared to full-service restaurants like Denny's. A meal at KFC can range from $5 for a simple combo to around $20 for a family-sized bucket meal. KFC frequently offers promotions and deals, making it more affordable for those on a tight budget.

Denny's prices vary more widely due to the diverse menu. Breakfast items might start at around $5, while a full dinner can cost between $10 and $20. Denny's also offers value menus and specials, but overall, it tends to be more expensive than KFC, especially if you're ordering a multi-course meal.

Portion Sizes


Portion sizes at KFC are generous, particularly with their bucket meals designed to feed multiple people. Individual combo meals also provide a substantial amount of food, including large chicken pieces and hearty sides.


Denny's portions are typically large, especially for their breakfast items and entrees. Many diners find that a single meal can be quite filling, and some even end up taking leftovers home. The generous portions contribute to the perceived value at Denny's.

Overall Dining Experience

KFC offers a fast-food experience, which is great for those looking for a quick meal. The service is generally fast, and you can either dine in or take your meal to go. The atmosphere is casual, and while the focus is on quick service, the quality of the food remains consistent.


Denny's provides a more relaxed, sit-down dining experience. With table service, diners can enjoy a leisurely meal and the comfort of a more traditional restaurant setting. The service is typically attentive, and the atmosphere is family-friendly. Denny's is also open 24/7 in many locations, making it a convenient option for late-night dining.


When comparing KFC and Denny's, it ultimately comes down to what you're looking for in a dining experience. If you prioritize cost and speed, KFC offers substantial value with its affordable and satisfying chicken meals. For those who enjoy a broader menu selection and a more leisurely dining experience, Denny's provides great value with its extensive offerings and generous portions.

Both KFC and Denny's have their strengths, and the best choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite or enjoying a sit-down meal, smartsdeal is here to help you find the best value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which restaurant is cheaper, KFC or Denny's ?

KFC generally offers lower prices compared to Denny's. A meal at KFC can range from $5 to $20, while Denny's has a broader price range, with meals costing between $5 and $20 or more.

Which has larger portion sizes, KFC or Denny's ?

Both KFC and Denny's offer generous portion sizes. KFC’s bucket meals are designed to feed multiple people, while Denny's is known for its large breakfast items and hearty entrees.

Does KFC offer healthy menu options ?

KFC does offer some healthier options, such as grilled chicken and salads. However, the menu is primarily focused on fried chicken and comfort foods.

Is Denny's a good place for families ?

Yes, Denny's is very family-friendly with a diverse menu that caters to all ages. The relaxed atmosphere and table service make it a good choice for family dining.

Are there any special deals or promotions at KFC and Denny's ?

Both KFC and Denny's offer promotions and special deals. KFC frequently has combo deals and bucket promotions, while Denny's offers value menus and seasonal specials. Check smartsdeal for the latest updates on deals and discounts.

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