The Best Subway Sandwich: A Culinary Adventure

By Amelia Faith, 29 , May 2024

When it comes to fast food that’s both customizable and relatively healthy, Subway stands out as a favorite. With a myriad of options ranging from bread choices to a vast array of toppings, Subway offers a sandwich for every palate. But the million-dollar question remains: what is the best Subway sandwich? While the answer can be subjective, several sandwiches have gained popularity and earned a spot in the hearts of many.

The Classic Italian B.M.T.

One of the most beloved sandwiches at Subway is the Italian B.M.T. This classic boasts a savory combination of Genoa salami, spicy pepperoni, and Black Forest ham, all layered on your choice of bread and topped with your preferred veggies and condiments. The Italian B.M.T. is a go-to for those who appreciate robust, meaty flavors paired with the freshness of crisp vegetables. Add some provolone cheese and a splash of Italian dressing, and you’ve got a sandwich that’s hard to beat.

The Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt

For those craving a heartier option, the Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt is a top contender. This sandwich features tender strips of chicken breast, smoky bacon, and melted Monterey cheddar cheese, all drizzled with creamy ranch dressing. The combination of flavors is indulgent and satisfying, making it a favorite among those looking for a richer, more decadent meal. The Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt is perfect when toasted, adding an extra layer of texture and warmth. 

The Fresh and Flavorful Turkey Breast

If you’re leaning towards a lighter, healthier option, the Turkey Breast sandwich is an excellent choice. Lean turkey breast is piled high on your preferred bread and topped with a selection of fresh vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and green peppers. This sandwich is not only delicious but also a low-fat option, making it ideal for those who are mindful of their calorie intake. A touch of mustard or a light vinaigrette can add the perfect zing without overwhelming the natural flavors of the turkey and veggies.

The Spicy Italian

For spice lovers, the Spicy Italian is a must-try. This sandwich brings together pepperoni and Genoa salami, creating a flavor-packed, spicy experience. Customize it with jalapeños, red onions, and a sprinkle of pepper jack cheese for an extra kick. The Spicy Italian is a bold choice that caters to those who enjoy a bit of heat in their meals. Adding a splash of Subway’s Chipotle Southwest sauce can elevate this sandwich to new levels of spiciness and flavor.

The Veggie Delite

Subway isn’t just for meat lovers. The Veggie Delite offers a fresh, vegetarian-friendly option that doesn’t skimp on taste. This sandwich is packed with a variety of fresh vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, and red onions. You can add cheese and a selection of sauces to suit your taste. The Veggie Delite is perfect for those looking for a nutritious and light meal, offering a delightful crunch and burst of flavor with every bite.

The Ultimate Steak & Cheese

For a hearty and filling option, the Steak & Cheese sandwich is a top pick. It features tender slices of beef steak, melted cheese, and a choice of fresh vegetables and condiments. This sandwich is a treat for those who enjoy robust, savory flavors. The addition of green peppers and onions, combined with the melty cheese, creates a satisfying and comforting meal that’s hard to resist.


Ultimately, the best Subway sandwich is a matter of personal preference. Whether you favor the classic Italian B.M.T., the hearty Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt, or the light and fresh Turkey Breast, there’s something for everyone at Subway. Each sandwich can be customized to fit your taste, making Subway a versatile and beloved choice for sandwich enthusiasts everywhere. So, next time you visit Subway, venture out and try something new—you might just discover your new favorite sandwich.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular Subway sandwiches ?

Some of the most popular Subway sandwiches include the Italian B.M.T., Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt, Turkey Breast, Spicy Italian, Veggie Delite, and Steak & Cheese. Each of these sandwiches offers unique flavors and can be customized to suit individual preferences.

How can I make a healthier Subway sandwich ?

To make a healthier Subway sandwich, choose whole grain bread, lean proteins like turkey breast or chicken, and load up on fresh vegetables. Opt for lighter condiments such as mustard or vinaigrette instead of creamy dressings. The Veggie Delite is also a great low-calorie option.

What is the best Subway sandwich for spice lovers ?

The Spicy Italian is a fantastic choice for spice lovers. It combines pepperoni and Genoa salami for a flavor-packed experience. Add jalapeños, red onions, pepper jack cheese, and Subway’s Chipotle Southwest sauce to enhance the spiciness.

Are there vegetarian options available at Subway ?

Yes, Subway offers several vegetarian options. The Veggie Delite is a popular choice, featuring a variety of fresh vegetables. You can also customize any sandwich with a selection of veggies and cheeses to suit your taste.

How can I customize my Subway sandwich ?

Customizing your Subway sandwich is easy. Start by choosing your preferred bread, then select your protein, cheese, and a variety of fresh vegetables. Finally, add your favorite condiments and sauces. This flexibility allows you to create a sandwich that perfectly matches your taste preferences.

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