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SmartsDeal is the best place to find the most up-to-date information on sales, freebies, and other deals. We always have thousands of coupons available, whether it's for a big sale or just a normal discount. Also, our articles are your best chance to learn more about the latest shopping trends and get the best deals when it comes to making the right buy. As we continue to grow, we want to hear from people who are like us about the latest deals, sales, and offers. Come join this group, where we talk about the best deals and try to make sure that everyone can afford name brands. We're looking for writers with drive and energy who want to share their own ideas.

  • SmartsDeal is looking for talented writers to contribute to our platform.
  • We welcome writers of all levels of experience and are committed to providing support and resources for our writers to succeed.
  • We're looking for writers who are passionate about deals and discounts and knowledgeable about a variety of topics.
  • We value creativity and innovation and encourage our writers to think outside the box when coming up with content ideas.
  • Buying Guides and much more
  • Quality is important to us, and we're committed to providing our readers with informative, engaging, and useful content
  • Appliances
  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • TV and Electronics

We Are Accepting

  • Best Stores to Shop
  • Upcoming Sales
  • Tips and Tricks to Save
  • Buying Guides and much more

You Can Write on Following Topics

  • Devices and mobile technology
  • Home Electronics
  • Fitness, Diet, & Makeup
  • Clothing and Adornment
  • Furnishings for the House and Yard
  • Furnishings for the Yard and Office
  • Exercise & Sports
  • Plans for Travel

Please read our rules and terms and conditions carefully and stick to them when you write for us. Your entry will be deleted if any of the rules are broken. When you post on our site, please keep the following rules for material in mind:

  • Word counts should range between 1500–2000.
  • Article must be appropriate for our website.
  • Article must be submitted in a well-formatted Word document
  • Plagiarism in any form is not permitted.
  • An interesting and original article is required.
  • Writers are encouraged to produce engaging and educational material.
  • Please send the photographs as a zipped attachment.
  • Age-appropriate language is essential.
  • Slang is strictly forbidden.

Make sure your Article looks like this:

  • Use H1, H2, and H3 to divide material into sections that are easy to read.
  • Each heading should have no more than 200 words..
  • Standards say that the size of the font should be 12 points.
  • When you need to, use bullets..
  • Font size for text should be 12 points.

Our reviewers will get back to you with comments and a link to your submission after 2–4 business days. Put your ideas on paper as soon as you can if you want us to listen! Please use the address below to send us your work. Any comments should be sent to info@smartsdeal.com. Please know that your thoughts are very welcome and that your unique ideas are highly valued. Please feel free to tell us how we could make our online writing better and more useful. By giving honest advice about shopping, we hope to help build a strong group.

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